if restaurants were honest


rude much?

Here is why I’m a jerk:

1) I don’t even remotely dislike Valentine’s Day. I LOVE it! No matter what my relationship status was at the time, I’ve always enjoyed February 14th. I get to wear my favourite colour all day, eat cinnamon hearts and give/receive cheesy, nerdy Valentines from friends!!

2) I also don’t hate restaurants. Eating is pretty much all I do, other than work 9-5 and make comics.

3) I’m GOING to a Valentine’s dinner this weekend with my boyfriend, and I can’t wait to spend time with him AND stuff my face full of carbs and wine.

4) I made a douchey comic regardless of items 1 through 3.

5) It wasn’t even a COMIC. It was the rough notes of the comic because I ran out of time this week!!

6) And I still expect forgiveness. Yep. Jerk.

ANYWAY, have a lovely weekend no matter what you get up to!!