can i live

Couple thoughts I had when making this:

1) You don’t have to be on a diet to eat a salad.
2) You don’t have to feel guilty about eating something that isn’t a salad.
3) You don’t have to be on a diet at all, but if you are, that’s ok, as long as you’re not harming yourself.
4) You don’t have to be a in a bad mood to drop some truth nuggets on the world, but it helps.

Forgive the snippiness, but I’m feeling a tad exhausted after constantly hearing about diet and exercise since January first. I think fitness and eating well are wonderful things, but it really sucks when someone leans over your food and makes some sanctimonious remark.

I used to work in an office in my early 20s, and every single day, one particular coworker would have some kind of comment about whatever I was eating that day. And I’m not talking subtle things like “Oh, that looks healthy.” If I was eating pasta, it was “do you KNOW how many CALORIES are in that? You know it gets harder to work off the fat when you hit your 30s, right?” And if I decided on a plate of greens that day, I got “Don’t you get bored of salad? I’d be SO bored eating that.” I got so sick of it, I stopped eating at my desk. I’m sure I could have said something sassy in my defence, but I didn’t have the energy for it, to be honest. You know it’s elementary school all over again when you’re wolfing down your food in a stairwell.

Anyway, I’m gonna end the rant before it gets bigger and bigger. People should learn not to voluntarily count other people’s calories because certain words are toxic and can have more harmful results than simply ruining someone’s day.