keep it under your hat


who needs to shower?

Still haven’t seen Frozen. Or Big Hero 6!! I suck. I actually rarely go to the movies, and prefer to stay on my butt in front of Netflix and not have to wear pants. But soon. SOON.

Funny how I made a comic that makes fun of people who enjoy the season. I happen to be one of those annoying winter lovers who gets excited for any temperature below zero and stares at the snow from the window of a coffee shop like I’m living in a cliched scene from a ’90s movie. I put on my parka and my ugly boots and take long, cold walks during my lunch breaks. I skip climbing onto the germ-y subway and get home by foot most of the time. Unless the weather’s totally atrocious, I’d much rather pile on a bunch of goofy-looking layers, grab some (free!) exercise and avoid an otherwise crowded commute. It’s a 50 minute walk even if I’m fast, but I’ll take that over being pushed and shoved by grouchy 9-5ers with low blood sugar.

Next week’s comic is going to be about food! Yep.