a crummy day

what's your cracker lackin'?

This week’s comic stars my fabulous pal Crystal! You can find her on hellogiggles defending the trend.

I got the idea for this comic when I was opening a thing of Premium Plus crackers and crumbs went eeeeverywhere. All over my pencil skirt, the chair, the desk, the keyboard, the floor. And yet the crackers were perfectly intact. So I guess they appeared out of another dimension with the sole purpose of making me look like a slob?

So, lots going on with me. I’m currently working on some longer-term projects that are several panels and touch on more serious subjects. You’re probably used to me making jest all the time, so I’m just warning you that things might get a bit heavy around here on the occasion! I’m looking forward to posting these once they are done.

Any plans for the long weekend coming up in…uh…4 weeks? Yeah I’m really jumping ahead eh.

5 Miss Herds

Well here I am looking super chic trying to eat some crackers at my desk. This happened to me last week – I was trying to eat daintily when wham! all the crumbs came out of nowhere and landed all over my outfit. The thing is, there were crumbs in places I never imagined – like my shoulder – HOW DID A CRUMB GET ON MY SHOULDER? Pesky buggers. Love this post – thank you for featuring me!

I got them on my lap, which meant they also wound up on my chair and the floor. And in my shoes. IN MY SHOES.

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