about those long-ish dress shirts

seemed like a good idea at the time

This one went up a little late today as I thought we might be observing Remembrance Day in the office.

I can’t tell you how many of these shirts I’ve been seduced into buying over the years. The ones that survived more than 6 months in my wardrobe are made of fabric that doesn’t crease very much! Winter means sweater dresses that don’t wrinkle much (if at all), but it’s those in-between-season, lighter-material shirts that make life awkward.

I actually JUST donated about three of the offending crease-ball tops, and now I wear skinny jeans with drapey silk tops, dresses/skirts or leggings with something versatile enough so I don’t look like I somersaulted to work that morning. Winter wear boils down to just throwing on simple outfits that can be coordinated with peacoats. I just don’t care enough to pore over putting together a look in the morning! Who has time?!

Then again, my bottom filing cabinet drawer at work contains three pairs of stilettos, one for each type of outfit. Why? Because I was too lazy to take them home in the first place, and it was easier to leave them there in case I felt like being fancy. Interesting how one can be a style slacker AND OCD at the same time.

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