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holiday parties

Nothing like getting all dolled up for a party and then suffering a makeup malfunction. Sometimes you have an event happening after work and don’t have time to go home and change first, so you bring everything with you in a tote bag. I learned from past mistakes to always put the makeup on RIGHT before the bash to avoid half of it ending up down the sides of my face in glittering rivulets by 5pm. And if your party is a long one, invest in some good quality cosmetics and take em for a test run a couple days ahead of time. This especially goes for lipstick! I once purchased the kind that’s meant to last 8 hours, and it wound up cracking and flaking off in bits. Didn’t look so great in the Facebook photos.

So this might be the last comic before 2013! I’m working really hard on a bunch of Christmas art from now until the big day, so I doubt I’ll have time to make a lot of comics. I may post a silly sketch or two to cover the Monday slots, otherwise I’ll be back with a brand new comic on January 7th! If I’m not around, then I hope everyone has a safe and lovely rest-of-December!

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