baby, it’s cold outside

actually I love winter

Ok, I totally phoned in some of those panels. I have had an exhausting week, and I blew most of my weekend’s energy on exercising and errands. Because I’m extraordinarily dull sometimes.

The comic was originally about the thaw we experienced in Toronto a couple of weeks ago. It’s written in the same format as the one I posted today, with examples of what you’d typically observe on an unusually warm day in January. I quickly changed up my artwork this weekend to involve the sights of a wintery commute in the city, since the weather’s back to being frigid again. Perhaps I’ll post the original as soon as we start seeing some more sunshine around here.

Also, I’ll admit that I’ve ripped on the Canada Goose coats before. Trends that break the bank are an easy target, and therefore, content fodder for a snarky bargain hunter like myself, who paid less than $200 for her very warm parka. And much flak as I get for calling out cookie-cutter fashions, I’ll inevitably do the same again the next time an expensive must-have of note takes over the TTC. I wrote a super judgemental chart for Bite Daily last year that garnered both cheers and jeers about the coats. It was meant to be funny, but boy, people sure are sensitive about their wearable investments.

What do you love/hate about winter?

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Bahah – I know that when I find myself laughing out loud after reading something, that it truly is amazing. You TOTALLY got every annoying aspect of winter down (the streetcar is my favourite)!

I laughed so hard at the coat tree! that was awesome. as for what I love/hate about winter?
I would have to say (and I don’t know what winter is like outside of T.O) the fact that Winter kind goes up and down, so I never really get used to it being super effing cold and have to put on like ten layers before going outside! I wish it would just freeze for the three months it’s supposed to and then bugger off. 🙂

I agree! Some weeks are terrible. 13 degrees one day, and minus 10 the next! So you pretty much have to check the weather constantly so you’re appropriately dressed.

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