batman: love and other allergens

my tamagotchi doesn't shed

As a novice cat owner, I had no idea just how difficult it is to keep thousands of those little white hairs off my clothes. I run the lint brush over my coat and any black articles of clothing once before I leave for work, and again when I arrive at the office. And if I forget to de-hair, I’m trying fruitlessly to hide from the bright lights on the subway car.

I was definitely a big Batman fan growing up. Adam West’s version was obviously my favourite. (If you’ve been with me since the start, you’ll remember I also referred to the series in the very first comic that went up on this site.) I imagine several of you younguns, who are used to the modern and darker versions of the superhero, wouldn’t recognize the purple-ish cape and cowl worn by West, and Julie Newmar’s glittery catsuit. They matched the light-hearted take on the story, and you kind of have to understand the ’60s to appreciate the show! Their costumes certainly do come across as goofy when compared to the slick and edgy herowear of the latest series of Batman films.

Today’s comic went up a bit early because I start a new job today! I will be heading downtown and setting up shop at The Score, a Canadian sports media company. I’m excited for the new opportunity and slightly nervous as well. I was at my last job for almost 4 years so this is a big change for me. I also didn’t take any time off between gigs so I’m being thrust right into this brave new world.

Wish me luck!

2 Miss Herds

I died laughing at this – this morning I found Audrey hair all over my sweater and was like… “Fuuuuu..” I am so excited about your new job and I look forward to having boozy après work catch-ups!

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