cat hair conspiracy

spring has sprung

Da grass has riz. I wonder where da boidies is? (Da boid is on da wing).

I spent my long weekend in the city, passing the time in a nice balance of relaxation and productivity. I did some shopping, drew my comic and even did a lil’ partying. My boyfriend and I tried a new Japanese Izakaya place in town and I had Okonomiyaki for the first time in my life. And it was everything I’d hoped it would be! It’s amazing how you can grow up reading manga and learn all about certain dishes and wish you could have them. I hope the place gets a patio so my friends and I can drink sake in the sun and eat all that awesome Japanese pub food. Oh man.

I’m also in the market for a new camera! Mine was finally dropped one last time and I’m now in need of something….not…broken. It kind of works out though, because I want to redesign my blog template and I want to start taking higher-quality pictures than what I was getting from my little Sony Cybershot. Hopefully some of my photographer buddies can help me choose.

4 Miss Herds

Okay – the panels of you in your red coat and hat are EXACTLY what you look like. Ms. Herd and her remarkable talent strike again! Well done girl!

Your comments are like a cute little cheerleader inside my head, who pours me wine and tells me I’m awesome. So then, the best.

or they cuddle inside your coat somehow depositing cat hair to the inside of your coat? thereby making link removal before putting on your coat pointless?

or I might be taking a comic too seriously 😉

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