the cone of shame

bea bea bear

Now that I’ve blinded you all…

Our cat Bea has been in and out of the vet’s since Christmas with a weird recurring rash on her legs. We determined it was an allergic reaction to something, so we changed the cat food and litter and I’ve been keeping the place as clean as possible. She is all healed up again, so I removed her cone yesterday morning. As I was untying it, she YANKED her head backwards out of the plastic, then LOOKED at me with giant wide eyes, and then bolted across the room. She probably was thinking “ok how much time do I have before she chases me down and puts me back in that thing??” Poor kitty.

I was actually going to do another Mad Men illustration, as I got a few requests to draw Trudy. I hear she is popular this season so I had better get on that soon!

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