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It’s true. If you plan to start working as a designer in an office setting, you’re going to have to get used to the fact that everything on your screen is on display for all to see, finished or not. When I began my position as a new designer where I work now, one of my tasks was to make advertisements for a certain TV series. This involved cutting out the backgrounds behind those who appeared on the show and placing the free-standing figures into compositions for the channel’s website. The show was canceled long ago, but I recall a number of times people happened to stop behind me and glance at my monitor right as I was etching around a woman’s breast. Oh, the comments.

Obligatory office jokes aside, people are just generally interested in what a designer is creating, so don’t be offended when a cubicle buddy pops by and peeks over your shoulder. I end up with an audience when I’m making something as simple as a background for a site or a featured image for an illustrated post. It’s much like doing artwork outside the 9-5 world and finding it impossible to sit in a cafe or on the train with sketchbook in hand without raising curiosity among passersby. It may not always be the attention you want, but you’re kind of stuck with it when your canvas is out in the open.

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