what price beauty?

Well, it’s a bit glitchy, but I’ll have to fix it when I get home from work.

I didn’t have anything against the wedge sneaker with the hidden heel until I saw someone wearing a pair. She walked in little steps and swayed a bit, and it looked like she was having trouble wearing a pair of those high top sneakers. I realized her foot was on an angle inside the boot. I also felt bad because she was trying to shuffle across the road in those things when the light was turning red, and her friends had ditched her in the middle of the road and ran to the sidewalk. (Huh! Some friends eh?)

Don’t get me wrong. As someone who regularly wears heels of all kinds, I’m not someone to mock the slow amble that comes with balancing upon a few manmade inches. But I’m a big showoff! I love a good platform stiletto. A cork wedge. A pointed toe. Even an espadrille. But here’s the thing: Why hide it? If you’ve made the effort to walk around in the things, why not make it known? Why camouflage a big honking pair of heels when it’s totally obvious you’re wearing them?

I’m pretty sure the whole fashion world could school me on what I’m missing here, but after seeing that poor girl trying to navigate the busier half of Toronto in those big blocks, I think they’re silly. That’s just my tired and cranky comic artist’s opinion.

What do you think? Yay or nay?

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