If I Ran Facebook

Hey y’all. How are the post-Hallowe’en party hangovers going?

So here is instalment #3. Like Mother Knows Best, this was also one of my first comics when I started this project months ago. Social media is one of my favourite things to gripe and moan about, so this episode was necessary. I often see updates on my newsfeed that are along the lines of “Life sucks” and “I don’t even want to go there right now. Just…ugh, SOME PEOPLE.” Followed by the obligatory string of are-you-oks and what-happeneds. Obviously I’m concerned for the well-being of my Facebook pals, but my first reaction is to want to make them spit it out already! And it’s not just because I’m annoyed over the passive-aggressive thing. It’s more about me and my nosey-ness (let’s just face facts, Herd).

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