happy 2013!

Since January 1st, I must have received dozens and dozens of those advertisements from spam mail and my coupon sites by now. And the funny thing is, I signed up for those sites for things like curling irons and restaurant deals. (Because they’re great! AYCE sushi for two for $30? Why, don’t mind if I do!)

I’m all for positive change, I really am. And if someone wants to make a new year’s resolution for the purpose of self-improvement, that person has all of my support. Because change isn’t easy. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, or quit smoking, or stop being moody in the morning, or learn a new musical instrument, it’s tough to adhere to a new schedule or a new attitude. But those weight loss and diet ads, for the most part, aren’t there to bring the goodness of change into your life. They’re there to make you feel like shit about yourself and consequently shell out way too much money to use a bloody treadmill a few times a week. And I’m totally sick of seeing them appear in my inbox every day. They’re not encouraging to me. They’re kinda mean. You sayin’ I’m not beautiful the way I am, internet?

I may not be going to boot camp or following detox programs (sorry, I think they’re bullshit). But I do well for myself. I exercise at least 4x a week in my little gym at home, which includes weights, a kettle bell, those pilates ball things and my stationary bike. You do NOT have to go to a gym to get fit or burn fat. I’m self-motivated and I make damn sure I’m sore the day after a workout. I also eat a veggie-heavy diet consisting mostly of dark greens, lean protein and stay low-carb 6 days a week. Yes, 6. It’s called cheat day! I think I deserve to sit down to a big, calorie-laden bowl of lasagna and 50 episodes of Modern Family every now and again.

Anyway. It’s most certainly important to eat well most of the time, and exercise regularly. I do these things for both my long-term health and my waistline. Like any other wellness-savvy human being. But it would be nice to check my e-mail and spend time on the internet without some smarmy fitness/diet pop-up interrupting the article I’m reading. I guess I want too much.

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