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I’ve been doing GIFs over the last couple of weeks at my new job, and I’ve enjoyed it so much that I made an animated illustration for today’s post. I canNOT wait until I can watch the newest season of Mad Men! However, please don’t tell me what’s been happening! I won’t watch it until the whole season is over and I can then download it and just have a marathon.

It’s hard to choose who my favourite character is, but I LOVE Joan. I love her sass and her beauty and that luscious red hair. When I first started watching the show, I wanted to draw her so badly (how creepy does that sound right now?) And who wouldn’t want a closet full of those gorgeous, structured dresses? I was in Le Chateau today and I saw a few Joanie-inspired retro numbers, but none compared to the ones in the show. I’m a huge clothes horse and I buy a ton of dresses, so I think it’s time to spend a weekend or two thrifting it up.

Who’s your favourite character on Mad Men? Or, if ya don’t know what I’m talking about, what’s your favourite show? (I know, ALL of the questions, eh?) Tell me in the comments!

3 Miss Herds

My favourite character is Trudy; she is classy and sassy. I love all of her outfits and I love that Pete thinks she is naive – she’s not! Christina Hendricks should see this gif – it looks amazing!

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