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So I’m banking on the fact that only the Zelda fans who watched The Super Mario Bros. Super Show will get the reference. It’s an old show, so I hope I’m not limiting my audience too much.

I drew this comic twice, once by hand and again in Illustrator. I really didn’t like the way it looked in Photoshop so I went ahead and put it together in vector. Creating artwork in that format is handy in case I want to use it for something else later on, especially for print.

Actually, this idea came from Rob Scott, my boyfriend and also the guy who coded this website. He told me about it the other morning, and I laughed so hard he said I could have it (see what happens when nerds date? AWESOMENESS happens.) Anyway, if it becomes a T-shirt on Threadless, I will owe him some cash and a big fancy dinner.

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