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Yes, even peppy, bright-colour-obsessed goofballs like me think about death once in awhile. It’s definitely a different direction than this comic usually takes every week, but it’s good to change things up now and again, right?

Also, it is a true story. I was driving along the highway when I saw that poster on the back of a truck, and that’s exactly how my thought process went, in those two steps. One: “Oh crap, we all die someday, don’t we?” Two: “I really hope they don’t immortalize my image with a photo of me that was taken at a horribly bad angle and makes me look like I’m 600 lbs. I worked out, dammit!!” Obviously I’m far more vain than I want to be, but at least I’m honest.

On another note, please pardon the quality of this comic. I did make it clear from the beginning that I wasn’t always going to turn out gems here, but I still feel bad when I could have done a better job on my artwork. I’ve been quite distracted lately as a few exciting life changes are happening for me. Don’t worry, it’s all good, career-related stuff! But my schedule will be busy for a couple of weeks, so please bear with me and my random mistakes I’m likely going to be making here and there.

Next week’s comic will be silly and nerdy and I’m already stoked about drawing it!! Hope you all have a great week! (And drive safe!)

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