sh*tty drivers

complain, complain, complain

Any of my old friends would tell you many tales of my beef with drivers and driving in general. I don’t have to get behind the wheel as much as I used to now that I am living downtown, so I’ve been contemplating selling my car. But I used to have to make the trip from the Beaches to my job in Mississauga every day and it was making me a little bit crazy. 3 hours of my day spent on the QEW is such a sucky, sucky waste.

My biggest problem with other motorists is their obvious lack of patience. I’m the type who sticks to the right lane and hovers at a speed of 100-110 km/h, for two reasons. One: my car is like 14 years old and has survived a lot of abuse. Two: I just don’t like to drive fast. I do what feels safe, and I stay clear of faster traffic. If I get tailgated while I’m driving in the right lane, I will get angry. Come on, they have at least two whole lanes they can use to pass me. I’m not speeding up or diving into another lane. I’m not putting my life at risk so some douchebar in a Beamer can get to his/her secret coffee date with his/her mistress on time. Ok, I made that whole thing up. They’d clearly be driving a Range Rover.

Also, I know I sound kinda douchey myself in this comic, and I hope I didn’t offend you parents, truck drivers and tourists. I’m not touting myself as the perfect driver (read previous example of road rage) but I like to think I have the whole consideration-for-everyone’s-safety thing down pat. Everyone seems to be in such a terrible hurry all the time and seeing their actions on the road is scary enough to make me quit driving entirely.

ANYWAY. I’m super behind on my comic-making as work has me stretched pretty thin these days. The pressure is on to create more pretty things and create em NOW. I imagine the next 6 weeks will burn me right out as I have an additional Christmas project to complete at work as well as the gifts I am making this year. I’m a sucker for punishment.

4 Miss Herds

oh Jen, I’m so glad that you included the patents with the stupid stickers with the whole family- hahaha!!

#1 has to be my favorite of all time, and their multiplying…. FAST.
The best bumper sticker I’ve EVER seen in response has been the little white sticker you put over the glass in the same spot people have been putting the stick figure HORDES. It says in big lettering “No one cares about your stick figure family.”

If I didn’t own a business in my town where like 30% of the town know me I would be putting that on all 4 vehicles we own.

One other thing, notice how every family seems to be getting into ‘crossovers’ instead of having a car, truck, van or suv anymore. It’s just crossover after crossover after crossover.

Makes it easy I guess, since almost everyone in a crossover is the self righteous family that practically makes you want to see them move away never to return.

Thanks for this comic, my wife and I got a great laugh out of reading it. 🙂

Thanks for the comment! I’m glad you guys like the comic. I was worried about posting this one because you never know if you’re going to get 50 angry comments from unimpressed parents!

And I’ve seen those bumper stickers picking on stick figure families! I want one for my beat-up Pontiac.

#1 rear ended my car on the freeway in close traffic. Put the entire front end of my Cavalier under a SUV.

Told me she didn’t have a phone when I wanted to call the police. Pulled one out of her purse after the police arrived.

Was pissed because she was running all over trying to pull everything together for her five year old’s birthday party.

Yeah, thanks Lady. Yah Douche

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