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Disclaimer: I do not own the characters Zelda, Link or Navi; they belong to Nintendo. Please don’t arrest me. Also, dear coworkers, I don’t read gushy fanfic at work, or anything for that matter, except emails and the news on occasion! I promise. (Ok, boss?)

BUT NERDY GAMING ROMANCE YOU GUYS. I have to admit, although I crammed this whole comic into one weekend and my shoulder kills, I really enjoyed drawing this. I haven’t drawn Link since I played Ocarina of Time at age 16 and became totally obsessed with him! I think I still have a mini-crush.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I cut a lot of corners with this one. I didn’t look up details about things like Link’s earring and which ear is pierced, Hyrule Castle is a blob on a blobby background, and Zelda’s dress is kind of an amalgamation of the designs from Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time and my own simplification. And detailed backgrounds weren’t even an option with the time I gave myself to draw this up. (AND I managed to make it to TWO birthday parties. Beat that, world.)

Also, you might be wondering why Zelda’s kind of…ridiculous in this comic. I wanted to imitate the actual Zelda fan fiction I have come across over the years. Particularly the angst-y ones that involve Zelda sending Link away, only to change her mind and run to him in a flurry of tears and billowy skirts. We all know Zelda is actually meant to be regal, composed and tough as nails. Not that she can’t have a moment of weakness, but a lot of fanfic writers turn her into something from a soap opera. Which is what I’ve done here. “I don’t care what Daddy thinks! I LOVE you, Link!” Lol.

(I should also cover my butt with this last note: I have nothing against fan fiction! I used to write it when I was a teenager and it makes for a fun read every now and again.) Maybe I’ll do fanfic comics for cash?

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