that’s illogical

i'm like soooo funny you guys

I accidentally published the draft of this comic hours before it was meant to go up, and quickly took it down. I make mistakes when I’m in a crazy rush. How did the weekend go by so fast? I didn’t even go out! I bummed around at home and drew pictures of Spock.

CHEESY PUNS THOUGH. Aren’t they the best? I came up with this one a long time ago and was going to draw it up for my Mum’s Christmas, but I ran out of time. In fact, I had SO much art planned out for gifts and such, but I only managed to get one painting done for my Dad. Augh. Next year.

So things are going well. I now have over 1,200 Facebook fans, which is pretty cool considering I only launched less than three months ago. Wasn’t expecting that! (Hi, guys! Thanks for liking my comic!) I have quite a few things in the works that I’d like to have accomplished in 2013, such as opening a shop and selling prints of comics and illustrations. I might hit up some conventions this summer as well, which is something I did once and never again. I’m too shy to meet my favourite comic artists, and I don’t like crowds, so the whole convention thing doesn’t really appeal to me. I’ll be changing my tune pretty soon if I want to sell merchandise and market my work, though. Sigh. I’ll just keep a happy flask at my artist’s booth (joking) (not joking).

So, are my fellow Torontonians hitting up Winterlicious? I know I am. Rob and I are celebrating our 2nd anniversary soon so we should go find a prix fixe somewhere and stuff our faces. Because, food.

2 Miss Herds

Another stellar comic! I’m looking forward to hitting up some winterlicious with some friends – provided there are reservations available because shocker.. I’m disorganized!

I really enoyjed looking at all these cute comic strips, you’re very talented! Love it! I’m working on my own comic books called Fuzz Society, feel free to check them out and let me know what you think. Thanks!

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