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i watch football once a year

Those are my two cats, Bea and Khaya. Here’s a bit about them. Khaya’s the youngest, and was found outside my office in a parking lot by a coworker. She was five weeks old and barely cleared my fingertips while being held in one hand. My boyfriend and I snapped her up right away. Two months later, we got Bea, the last of her litter to be adopted out through the Annex Cat Rescue. They’re very different cats; Khaya is feisty and bratty, while Bea is a biiig suck. We couldn’t be happier with our pain-in-the-butt best friends.

This may disappoint my American fans (or not? I drew Spock as Doctor Who for goodness sakes) but I’m not exactly sporty spice here. I didn’t know the Green Bay Packers fans were the only ones who wore cheesehead hats to a game. I asked a coworker of mine what the 49ers and Ravens fans are known for wearing during the Superbowl, and they told me about cheeseheads being for everyone as long as you chose your proper team colours. Derp. Good thing they dispelled the joke before I drew the illustration. I did have to go back in and change the colour scheme, though.

But I did go to a fantastic Superbowl party right here in Toronto, hosted by one of said coworker-pals. It was a day/night of deep fried food, laughs and me being schooled by football fanatics. Also, Beyonce. Am I right?

UPDATE: My friend informed me that the Ravens colour scheme was incorrect! I have fixed everything!!

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