the goblin queen

friends who mean well

For the most part, I’m super happy to be told that something about my appearance is out of place. Be it dry skin, a chunk of hair sticking up on top of my head, a skirt tucked in to my underoos, or a visible clothing tag. I mean, what kind of pal would let you walk around like that? But then there’s that moment when you’re like “great, I’m KIND of stuck this way until I can escape the public eye and find some privacy to fix my looks.”

It’s not my buddy’s fault or anything. But if it’s just a nose goblin (ew I know), why make me paranoid until we’re inside?

Boy, this weekend went by waaaaay too quickly. And this week is going to be nuts as I have freelance to do, as well as 3 after-work evenings of various social commitments! How do I do it? Vitamins. And coffee. And wine.

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