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spring is just around the corner

I wish I actually owned the outfit I designed for the first panel of this comic. I do have a couple of pea coats and cloches that I wear and love, but when it comes to cold and snowy weather, you’ll find me looking more like the second panel, right down to the toque I stole from my Dad. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing cos I like that hat on me.

As much as I am excited for the warmer weeks to come (and the Vitamin D that doesn’t come in pill form), I’m such a winter girl. I love layered outfits, textures, colours, and tend to favour fall fashion above what appears in magazines and stores the rest of the year. And then there’s snow days. I don’t have an excuse to stay home from work since my commute is only a 15 minute subway ride, but I don’t want to be at home when there’s a big, empty office waiting for me! I can blast my music as loud as I want and get some stuff out of the way while enjoying the space and a warm mug of coffee.

But there’s a lot to be said for spring and summer. Patio season! Flirty dresses! Getting somewhat of a tan! Longer days! I’m working in a trendy neighbourhood now and can’t wait to explore all the new dining options. Which are best enjoyed outdoors in the sun.

3 Miss Herds

I think that I look like the second image throughout the whole winter but I still play the runway music in my head and strut in my Uggs or wellies. I am a slob.

Your parka’s way nicer than mine though! I look like a giant sleeping bag rollin’ up Yonge St.

At least your dad has nice hats. If I were to steal my dad’s hats, I’d be coming in, in a blue and purple ski mask with a purple pom pom on top. Tres chic!

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