the most horrid sound in the whole world ever

no but really though

It’s actually the thing that annoys me the most! And when I politely ask the people in my life not to do it, I get hell for it. I mean, fair enough. It’s totally rude of me to be like “Hey, can you maybe close your mouth while you’re chewing?” No matter how nicely I say it, I’m coming across as a douche. It’s not like I’M so perfect.

I did this comic in the space of two afternoons this weekend. I did state from the beginning that this web comic was going to be casual, but I normally give myself more time than a couple of days to do a post. I came down with the flu this week, but I continued working anyway (at my job, from home) because there was so much to do and I wound up working day and night for about 6 days straight. It was worth it though, because now I’m on vacation for a week and I can have peace of mind knowing I’m not leaving my coworkers with a ton of stuff to do in my absence. But I had no time for my comic! I had it storyboarded, but nothing was roughed out or anything. I hate rushing things but what are ya gonna do.

And now I get to enjoy several days of ’90s romantic comedies and shopping and drawing whatever I want and as much as I want! And all the wine and cheese I want, too. So excited.

3 Miss Herds

I could not agree more. I hate when people do that. Although I don’t care about being polite about it. They should have been taught as a child to chew with their mouth shut. They are being rude by doing it. The way I see it, I am just voicing out loud what everyone is thinking.

Thanks for commenting! I was definitely taught to eat quietly as a little kid, too. So I’m appalled when I witness someone in public just chomping and smacking away. Blech.

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