the perils of cat bearding

i didn't meme to offend

If you don’t know what cat bearding is, google ‘er. Pretty funny stuff.

I just discovered RDIO this week and it is awesome. I’m the latest adopter ever. But seriously, I can use it on my phone! On the subway! And listen to almost anything I want! A Perfect Circle’s Mer de Noms (haha noms….hungry) is playing right now and I feel like I’m in high school again. SIGH. Memories.

I’ve been super tired lately as I have this weird recurring insomnia thing. You ever wake up at an ungodly hour and you’re awake for the rest of the morning/day? I’ve been doing that for the better part of the last two or three weeks and it’s starting to hit me HARD. I’m pretty much on auto pilot right now.

This week and the next, I will be putting together t-shirt designs for my eventual store! How exciting!!

Have a great week, everyone!

4 Miss Herds

Follow me on Rdio – I have some excellent playlists – I am CrystalSales – This sounds like a spam comment – OMG I AM A SPAMMER! Rob’s hair is très accurate though. 🙂

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