I really hate those aerosol air fresheners so I made a post about it. I don’t think they make life a little “cleaner,” I think they’re disgusting.

SO how was everyone’s Hallowe’en? I went home and was in bed by 9 like a good girl. But sleeping was impossible due to the block party in my neighborhood, and the people singing outside the bar next door. Ugh. Sleep.

Anyway, thanks for reading during launch week! A brand new comic will go up on Monday. Have a good weekend!

  • http://twitter.com/LezleyDavidson Artist&Entrepreneur

    You just got added to my webcomics bookmark. Congratulations.

    THIS. Is a BIG f*cking deal. :P

    • clearlymissherd

      Thanks Lezley! I’m honoured you like my comics. I read your art and business tips all the time and they’re very helpful!