this chat is off the record

so then this happened

Yep, this is an actual g-chat conversation that took place between a coworker and myself. Go me! But to be honest, it was more of a laugh than a super-embarrassing moment. It would have been much, MUCH worse if the person I was talking to was a manager! But it was definitely a reminder to google words before hitting send. Also, I did this comic a couple of months ago and still haven’t seen Wayne’s World.

I made a note to draw this entire comic by hand, with no Photoshop or Illustrator, as I wanted a very casual, spontaneous feel to the post. But then I changed my mind and decided on a more computer-y look, since the conversation had taken place online. The characters are in pencil, but as you can see, everything else is a vector shape and a downloaded font and the figures are painted up in Photoshop.

As I was typing this, I got a wicked idea for artwork for my boyfriend’s birthday, and only 9 days to do it. Plus I have to go to my parents next weekend so Saturday is a write-off. Yiiiikes. Crunch time.

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? I have a couple of gifts so far.

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