valen-whine’s day

draw me a picture!

That’s right. I’m a busy girl and I want you to finish my comic for me! Decide what YOU think should go in the #1 panel, draw it up any way you like, and send it to me. I’ll place your art within the comic and post it on my Facebook fan page! And when I say draw, I mean use pencil, pens, paint, Photoshop, Corel Draw, whatever you have handy. Anything goes. You can even submit photography if you wish. Valentine’s Day is this Thursday, and 4 days isn’t much time, so I figured I’d make the 28th the deadline and just post the art as it arrives.

Please send just your panel artwork to

HOWEVER. I gotta lay down some ground rules here. I can’t have anything offending my other readers (or me), so anything NSFW, sexist, racist or otherwise will not fly. It’s pretty common sense. If you’re concerned about whether or not your content is ok to post, you can always ask me! Also please ensure your art is 750 pixels wide, at the least. The height doesn’t matter. And don’t forget to sign your work! I think that’s about it, but if I think of anything else, I’ll let y’all know.

Also, once it’s done, you’re totally allowed to post the full Valentine’s Day comic with your added panel anywhere you like, as long as you don’t erase my URL. That would make me cry.

So I’m going to be a big dork here and tell you all how much I love Valentine’s Day. I’m a girly girl who loves any excuse to get all dolled up. I’ve always had fun that day, whether I had a date or not (which doesn’t MATTER!). Wear some fancy clothes! Eat cinnamon hearts! Watch really dumb movies! Seize the day! Please let me know when to stop.

That being said, I definitely understand why some folks despise February 14th so much. Everything from the jewelry commercials to the general hype can get super annoying. It’s like there’s an unspoken pressure to have a date for that night, AND you have to enjoy it because it’s the day of LOVE. And if you are in a relationship, it’s like you both better get off your butts and get that 7pm reservation at the restaurant/buy expensive lingerie/rush out of work on time to get everything done. It’s exhausting!

No matter what your situation, don’t over-think it, just use the day as an excuse to treat yourself and have a nice time!

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