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Be Yourself

I figured I should do another semi-Hallowe’en post before the 31st.

I created the section of this blog called “real talk,” a place where I can tell anecdotes about my past. So once I have posted more of these, we’ll end up with a mix of light-hearted stuff and more serious topics.

My high school experience was not unlike that of any teenager. Pressure to make friends, pressure to fit in, pressure to please. We’ve all been there. Back when I was a teeny-bopper, the Jennifer Aniston hair was in; heavily highlighted, layered, swishy and just hitting shoulder length. My friends were trying to convince me I’d look cute with a short cut; even my then-boyfriend jumped on their bandwagon. My Mum was totally on my side and claimed the others were jealous, but I finally caved and chopped my locks up to my shoulders and got the signature blonde highlights. But I grew it back over time because I HATED it. The cut itself was nice and flattering enough, but I just didn’t feel like myself anymore. I didn’t want to be Rachel. I wanted to be Sailor Mars.

If there are any younguns out there reading this, you will eventually meet people who don’t try and change you. I did, and I’ve never been happier.

5 Miss Herds

My mom always wants me to cut my hair. For her it’s short hair or no hair. (Okay not really, but anything over my shoulders is “too long” for her standards)

My hair is super thick and gets incredibly PUFFY when I grow it long. Hence, I keep it short. But I like it like this 🙂 I have had friends who will tell me to change, like with dying my hair (which I do frequently). But I just tell them to screw off cuz I like the way I am 😀

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