toronto fashion week bingo

fa fa fa fa fashion

I’m happy to be working downtown in my new location because I can finally get a good peek at the goings-on of Toronto’s Fashion Week! I’m mainly occupied with my new job at the Score as well as my comic work, but I have a few friends that blog for the duration of the events. So I get to live vicariously through them. I’m excited to read their posts and hear their stories. In the meantime, I’ll be sitting upstairs in Luma at the Tiff Bell Lightbox with my glass of house red, seeing all I can see.

My fashion-forward friend Crystal helped me fill in some of the squares with her ideas. I’m only newly familiar with the world of style (much of which I have learned from her) so I was grateful for her assistance. For example, I didn’t even know the man behind Joe Fresh was actually named Joe! Yep, I’m a n00b.

I skipped St Patrick’s weekend to complete this comic! I worked on it until 1 in the morning, so I’ll be greeting my coworkers with bags under my eyes and the attention span of a fruit fly. SACRIFICES YOU GUYS. Anyway, I’m currently creating a printable version of this bingo card so people can take it with them and play! If you’re in the area, you might see me passing out free prints of the artwork. I haven’t found a printer yet. Last minute much?

Hope you all enjoy Fashion Week, wherever you are!

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