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It’s amazing how many events I get invited to through Facebook every week. Band performances, Stag n’ Does, potluck dinners, sponsored events, fashion shows, art shows, Aloette parties. But I thought about how funny it would be to turn up at the event held by someone I only met once or twice and see how they would react. If they know or remember me. If they’d be glad to have me at their party or look at me like I’m nuts for deciding to go.

Actually, something similar did happen recently. My boyfriend and I got a last-second invite to a social gathering for an actor/director, who is a cult celebrity of sorts. We somehow wound up sitting at the table with him and his friends. All the while a girl kept looking at us from across the bar, and finally came over to say hello. She shook Rob’s hand, and then mine, and asked what we do for a living, then asked how we got an invite to the party. It was clear she had NO idea who we were and we thought we were getting the shake-down for attending the party. For a moment, I wanted to pretend to be famous or something. It was a good laugh, anyway.

Yesterday was Father’s Day! Anybody do anything special? I owe my Dad a belated dinner the next time I get the chance to go home.

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I just want to find a way to stop receiving those mass invites because I find they come from the same people with reoccurring weekly events and I’m all like, “I AM NOT COMING, STOP ASKING!”

I almost made this comic solely about the Stag n Doe invitations I get from people I haven’t spoken to since Grade 10. I mean, thanks for including me, but do you remember me? lol

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